Hi, my name is Joel Carlo but you may know me by my artist moniker, MechaHateChimp. I’ve been asked many times what the name infers to and how I settled on such a weird handle, so to get things out of the way I’ll just let it be known now and stop you from asking if I’m just some belligerent asshole who likes to draw. Without getting too philosophical, the answer lies in the question presented above. That’s the very same question I asked myself as I thought of this nom de guerre.

Who am I? If you take a moment to consider this querulous interrogative, you may arrive at the same conclusion I did. Peel away the layers and at the core you’ll find the endocarp of our humanity is an angry ape. A angry ape who secretly wishes it was a giant robot.

Name aside, I’ve been a freelance artist and media developer for close to 20 years and my work has been published in several art magazines including ImagineFX and 2DArtist.  I have an “on again, off again” relationship with art because at the end of the day, I’m a bit of a soul searcher. At least that’s what I like to tell myself.

I decided to put this blog together as a way to keep a record of the work I’ve done over the years and also for posterity. I’m hoping it will be a source of inspiration for me whenever I’m too lazy to motivate myself but I won’t hold my breath. Regardless, I hope you can take something from it or at the very least enjoy my nonsensical rants.