About MechaHateChimp

Hi, my name is Joel Carlo but you may know me by my artist moniker, MechaHateChimp. I’m an artist who has worked as a multidisciplinary designer and media developer for almost 20 years. I currently reside in Barcelona, Spain and work with both U.S and International clientele.

Inking Like a Mad Man


During my last two years of high school, I started to stray away from pen and ink work to experiment more with painting techniques. I was becoming influenc [...]

Inking Like a Mad Man2017-04-09T03:31:23+00:00

Never Summer Industries


Never Summer Industries is a snowboard manufacturer based out of Denver, CO. Some time around 1997 or 1998 they held a design contest where the winning art [...]

Never Summer Industries2017-04-09T03:37:27+00:00

Harley Davidson Tattoo


Years ago I worked as a receptionist and personal trainer for a small gym in Colorado. During my time there, I would occasionally draw to keep myself enter [...]

Harley Davidson Tattoo2017-04-09T03:44:07+00:00

Weird History of Sports


In 1996 I moved to Denver and did a short stint at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Although I never put much value on my art school education (fo [...]

Weird History of Sports2017-04-09T03:46:15+00:00

Blend It Like Beckham


Here's another piece I found recently digging through my archives. This was done back in high school using colored pencils on illustration board. The techn [...]

Blend It Like Beckham2017-04-09T03:46:06+00:00

Monkey Fist


During the early 90s, I would occasionally receive requests to create music flyers and band artwork. The artwork below was created for a band called Monkey [...]

Monkey Fist2017-04-09T03:47:22+00:00

Vellum Ink Work


Recently, I was looking through some of my old files on disc and found this illustration. It was created using ink on vellum. This image stands out to me f [...]

Vellum Ink Work2017-04-08T22:30:27+00:00

Idols & Influences


Just about anyone who has drawn comics at any point in their life has had influences. I know I've had my share. Some of my personal heroes growing up where [...]

Idols & Influences2017-04-08T22:30:27+00:00

My Todd McFarlane Story


When I left Firstlight Entertainment in 1994, I began working on a handful of Shoki Demon Queller pages to present to them with the hope that they would hi [...]

My Todd McFarlane Story2017-04-08T22:30:27+00:00

Shoki Demon Queller


The summer of 1993 was a bit of a low point for me. I had just been evicted from my apartment and was living out of my car when my friend Clint Houdelette [...]

Shoki Demon Queller2017-04-08T22:30:27+00:00