"Ana" is a painting I did as a sort of homage to both a Pixies song by the same name and a painting by Gustav Klimt. At the time I did this painting, I had [...]

El Cuento de Pygmalion


"El Cuento de Pygmalion" is a painting based on a Greek mythological story. The myth revolves around an artist named Pygmalion who carved a statue of a wom [...]

Travest Parkes


"Travest Parkes" is a painting I did trying to emulate the styles from two of my favorite artists, contemporary illustrator Travest Charest and painter Mic [...]

Pythagoras Explains


Pythagoras is considered by some as history's first pure mathematician and an extremely important figure in the development of mathematics. He is attribute [...]

La Ganza De Hicaro


The idea for "La Ganza De Hicaro" came about as an influence from one of my favorite painters, Michael Parkes. Parkes is an amazing artist and his work is [...]



Yet another painting based on Greek mythology. "Daedalus" is based on the Greek character Daedalus from the story of Icarus. Daedalus was father to Icarus [...]

Farnese Hercules


This is a study of the Farnese Hercules done with oil on illustration board, circa 1995. I don't remember exactly where I got the reference but I do rememb [...]



There's a lot of history behind this piece, partly because there are 3 or 4 versions of it floating around. Out of all the paintings I've done, I have been [...]

Woman by the Window


Another painting from back in the day, circa 1998 I think. Unfortunately, what you see here is a very low resolution photo of the actual painting which han [...]