The summer of 1993 was a bit of a low point for me. I had just been evicted from my apartment and was living out of my car when my friend Clint Houdelette offered to let me stay at his place. Clint and I shared a mutual love for comic books and drawing, spending a good portion our senior year obsessing over how to become successful comic book illustrators. As luck would have it, he scored an interview with an independent publisher called Firstlight Entertainment and had been waiting for a callback to see if he would be brought in to work on one of their titles.

That was a bit of a wake up call for me because at that point, I already had a taste of the real world. Working in a fitness center as a janitor and a grounds keeper at a zoo was not something I intended to continue doing for any extended period of time. While Clint waited for a callback, I saw an opportunity and decided to take it. I made a visit to the publisher and after showing them my portfolio, they hired me on the spot. I worked at Firstlight for several weeks without Clint’s knowledge but eventually he caught on. Not one to leave a soldier behind, I managed to convince my new employer to hire him.

Clint was brought on to work on an existing title called Thresherz while I worked along side owner Mike Peters to develop a new title. The book was based loosely on a Japanese myth about a futuristic samurai called Shoki Demon Queller. To my recollection, I don’t remember the title ever seeing the light of day (at least not the stuff I worked on)… in fact I quit within a year after working there with not much to show for it. A few months after leaving, I decided to create a few pages to see if they would hire me back on but bridges had been burned. These pages are all that remain: