Recently, I was looking through some of my old files on disc and found this illustration. It was created using ink on vellum.

This image stands out to me for a particular reason. Originally, it was going to be used in a silk screen project but somewhere along the lines I screwed up the emulsion process on my mesh so I shit-canned the idea and threw away the screen. Unbeknownst to me, my art teacher at the time took the screen and decided to create and exhibit a set of shitty Andy Warhol-like prints using my artwork (which is a bit fucked up when you think about it). I can laugh about it now, especially when you consider how much of a terror I was in his art class. To some extent I guess I had it coming, although I would have never imagined an art teacher pull some shit like that.

Outside that gem of a story, you can probably pick out some more of my influences, particularly by early works from Bill Sienkiewicz and Jae Lee.